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Company shoot

They say "For the shake of appearances". I personally follow this truth and recommend it to everybody. It's not enough to be excellent, you need to look like so too. To be achieved, I give a huge advantage for companies, who know what they wish.

The thing is, when I do company shoots,  every single person gets my special focus and I build trust between us for good.

Bringing the headshot studio to your office is the most convenient way to get your staff photographed with almost no impact on productivity. The experience will be the same as shot in the studio and there will be no difference in the image quality. The studio can be set up in a normal meeting room and your team will be photographed one person at a time.

Coaching the subject to a confident and approachable posture and expression is an important part of the process. Seeing the images on a laptop screen immediately is very helpful. Ideally, each headshot session lasts approximately 10-15 minutes including coaching, reviewing, and selecting the images with the subject.

Portrait photography with glasses

Bringing photography to the office amost convenientway to take photos of colleagues without significantly affecting productivity. Theexperienceit is the same as the studio version and there is no difference in image quality either. 

The park can also be set up in a normal meeting room, where the team individuallyI take picturesjuice. An important part of the process is preparing the subject for a confident posture and expression. Ideally, each shoot should take around 10-15 minutes, including training, review and selection of images on the subject.

Company portrait photo

"It seems in my pictures that I wasn't afraid to love these people." - Annie Leibovitz

Of course, I undertake the corporate portrait photography with a personal guarantee

Corporate Photography Prices

In each case, I provide an individual price offer in the knowledge of the relevant parameters (location, number of people, etc ...).

Ask for price

Sending successfully

Roland Hékán

Dani gives out a completely professional job out of her hands. And the experience is unforgettable. Thank you very much:)

Csilla Chicks

I can only write good things about Dani, throughout the photography we felt like I was in the spotlight and we were very happy with the pictures as well. I recommend!

Márton Zemplényi

Dani took a business portrait photo of us that I and others really like. He grabbed who we are. He created conditions that made it easy to behave naturally and cheerfully so that good pictures could be taken of us. Thanks!

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