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Increase your chances

Premium portraits 

No problem. Most of the peoplelike this is with this. To my countless dear customers I helped dispel your doubts already andgreat pictures thento create, when it was needed so that everyone could be satisfied.

My international awards the example is that one if notthe best I am in what I do.

My international awards
Harc a démonommal

"Once upon a time , there was a portrait session…"

It begins like this, the exciting story, in wich your excepted pictures get alive. Let the temptation be, and I promise you won't be dissapointed! You only need to make a reservation and follow my instructions from the beginning to the end. :)

Portrait Photography Definition

Its purpose is the essence of the model, its identity, and the personality song: an
immortalization using photographic techniques such as composition, 
lighting, and setting (pose). There are different types, these are the
from the subject of the portrait and the style depends on it. For example, some portraits are traditional and
they follow a formal line, professional for use and publication. Different types
of portraits are more ordinary, such as lifestyle portraits are the everyday
objects of life are presented. The "playful" portraits also deserve a special mention
group, these are the pictures the return of liberated and self-forgotten moments
they are called to serve.

The Team


With my team, we work to get satisfied and have great pictures

Trusted by:

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My name is Dániel R.Kolczonay and I am an award-winning photo artist who is in love with portrait photography for at least 12 years. During the sessions, my goal is to find your most natural face and fill it with life.



Gergő Hapták

Dani is a real, professional photographer, I strongly recommend it to everyone! It captures precise, accurate, reliable and last but not least, super images. Look no further, you have the photographer! :)

Lucky Julia

Dani is just great. It brought the atmosphere all the way through and so the photography was easy and the result was fantastic. Thank you very much.

Ben W. Benson

I've asked Dani to take pictures of myself by which I could enrich my photo portfolio. I can tell you that this utterly talented young man is a real professional with excellent photo shooting skills and an outstanding sense of beauty and humor :)) I highly recommend him for anyone who is seeking for a professional photographer. He is a real artist!

My special portrait photos give you advance in:

Job search

Smiling female portrait photography

Outstanding CV

Photowith me (CV)

you will have a winning case in HR departments.

Private purpose

Fashionable portrait photography in the castle

First classportrait photowith this you will have great success on different platforms.

Your Business

Business portrait photography in a studio

Captivatingbusiness portrait photowith this hip-hop you can get into a winning position.

Your Company

Female portrait photography for corporate identity

Impressivecorporate portrait photowith this you can easily get ahead of the competition.

The process


Book your session by contacting us. Together we will find a suitable time.


You will receive valuable tips on how to prepare for your headshot session.

Rock It

Every session is a collaboration and you will do great with expert coaching.


Select your favorite images for retouching. You will receive the final images within a few days.


How do I choose a photographer?

Great Question! If you’re questioning that, you’re on the right track. Not only do you need to enjoy the work they create, but also find someone you connect with. This leads to more genuine expressions and a better overall experience.

How do I prepare for the session?

Sleep well, drink enough, skip the alcohol at least a day! These are all good advice to get ready for the shoot and look good. Plus I will send you more tips by email. No worry, I gonna take away all the stress.

Where will be the session?

The studio is in the heart of the city, circa 3 min walk from Blaha. If we go for an outdoor session there are many options.

When and how many pictures do I get?

After you pick and pay for the pictures, I'll send them in one day.

What is satisfied garantee?

I am confident in my skills and knowledge, therefore I give you a 100% guarantee. If you don't like pictures(never happened before), you don't pay.

What about hair and makeup?

. For women's makeup, we just want to keep it simple. I definitely encourage you to use my hair and makeup artist.  If you choose not to, the trick is to keep the makeup simple and clean.  Whether you're using our makeup artist or doing your own makeup, it's a good idea to start a regime a few days before the shoot of drinking plenty of water and moisturizing your face more than usual. Hydrated skin looks amazing on camera.

What does reotuching mean?

I will make disappear all the disturbing parts(skin discolorations, tone differences, etc), and optimize the picture for the most natural look.

What if I am not photogenic?

Everybody is photogenic. My job is to get your most natural look and here we go.

Do you offer on-location shoots?

Absolutely! I can come to your business and set up on-site for your headshots. Request a quote!

Can somebody escort me to the session?

Of course. No problem.  During the session there is an opportunity to join the shoot, if it's needed for a little extra charge.

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