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Personal Branding

Egy kép többet mond ezer szónál...

 I can tell you, there is a period when we ask ourselves: Is it worth it?

And the answer always arrives in time: Of course! The inside voice leads you to make things, that they would say impossible. The intuition's result is that you're reading these lines too.

As a contractor, I understand exactly, what you need for success,s and makes me happy, that I can provide it maximally. The personal branding shoot's key is the care. The common multiple always pays off, and with my instructions, it gives life to fantastic pictures.

Attention! A session like this flies away hip-hop and some of the clients could become addictive with. :)

Kültéri üzleti portré

A bevált recept

As an entrepreneur, I understand exactly what you need to be successful, and it gives me great pleasure to be able to give you that. Thebusiness portrait photographythe key lies in paying attention. The common multiple always pays off… and with my guidanceFantastic picturesare born.

Caution! Taking photos in this way makes hip-hop fly away and some guests may become addicted. :)

Üzleti fotózás könnyed eleganciával

The business portraitphotography belongs to the category that can give a huge advantageour goals to reach. That's why I put all my energy and knowledge into its creation.

It's sure to be a success!

Mosolygós üzleti portré

Felhasználási területek:

  • Google profilkép

  • üzleti weboldalra

  • kiadványok lapjaira

  • szakmai cikk/interjú mellé

  • hirdetésekhez

  • személyes blogra

  • Linkedin profilkép

Female business portrait photography in studio

Business portrait photography in a downtown studio or office

Photography by contact you can even make a reservation for the same day. After the photo shoot  a retouched image if urgent the same day I will prepare and send the rest within a few days in complete and web-optimized form.

"They usually look at a photo - they rarely look at it." - Ansel Adams

Caution! The photography in this way hip-hop flies away and some guestsaddiction may develop. :)

Naturally, I give a 100% guarantee on the session

Even if the devil puts the charge, I don't care, I won't leave you without satisfaction

Mihály Kótay

It was great to see that someone loves and knows what Dani is not only taking good photos of but also being able to deal with the subject was a birthday present for my couple and she did very well. thanks

Péter Szeleczky

Dani lifted all my inhibitions, time ran out quickly, took a lot of pictures, and the bottom line was that no one even managed to take such a natural, smiling photo of me. Thank you very much Dani :)! Almost more beautiful than the original subject :). I can only recommend Dani to everyone, a professional and patient photographer :)

Kapos Hajnalka

The photos were taken with great attention, good eyes and patience. In my case, organizing was also a big task because there was a short time available. Therefore, special thanks for your cooperation!

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