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 My name is Dániel R.Kolczonay. I am a multi-award-winning photo artist and already have 12 years of riding portrait photography. During the session my goal is to find your most natural look and fill with life.

Thanks God, I was meant to be a photographer. Photography to me is a fointain of happines. It always makes me excited , if I take my camera, no matter is work, a project or just fun.

In the last decade I continousley pushed my boundaries and first in my country, later internationaly too, I had the luck to put my name. In my project for the Unicef I united world famous photographers(Jason Florio, Claudio Edinger, Zuzu Vala, Isabel Corthier, Chilala Moco, etc) for an exhibition at Budapest Art Market.

With premium quality portrait photography, personal branding photography, company photography services I serve huge advantage for the people, whom know, that they want the best.

"To find true beauty, I have to open my eyes." - R. Kolczonay Dániel

Me at work



Powder Theater


OTP Gallery


Budapest Art Market


CAP Kuwait

Celebrities in animal skins

Equality project - Unicef

Equality project - Unicef

WAGMI - First International NFT Exhibition





Neutral Density Award

My ND awards

Moscow International Photo Award

My MIFA award

PX3 Award

My PX3 fee

International Photo Award

My IPA award

Moscow International Photo Award

My MIfa 2022 award


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