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CV session

Cv photos

Theresume photography (CV photography) is a really hearty genre that is highly recommended.

You need to exude confidence aHR- fall towards, but at the same time we have to win their sympathy. In addition, the ideal resume photo needs to achieve this in a fraction of a second, because they are formed during this timeopinion about us the professionals. 

Panka resume photography
Bence resume photo

Best pictures for Cv

Black and white: The ideal resume in every caseperfect it must emit an image. There should be no compromise when it comes to a resume image.     

During the job search awell done retouched portrait, that is, the good oneresume photo the one that flies you to the goal at the first impression.

Lovely Cv session

: If I would tell shortly what can you expect during the CV shoot: We are going to capture top-quality pictures. Longer: As we base the mood(funny tricks make you relaxed at the front of the camera), we will search the optimal settings, and there comes the "Rock and Roll".

British scientists discovered, that during the right CV sessions the models get a euphoric mood, because of the effect of the released endorphin. I'm gonna use this method for creating the perfect CV  picture. Caution!

A session like this flies away hip-hop and some of the clients could become addictive with. :)

Nikolett CV photography

" Kind, direct, creative photographer. It can be seen that his work is also his passion. I strongly recommend it! :)"


Dr. Márton Nikolett

doctor, radiologist

Best to use:

  • Önéletrajz

  • Google profilkép

  • Linkedin profilkép

  • Weboldal

Resume photography in a downtown studio

The contact you can even make a reservation for the same day. After the photo shoot  oneretouched image if urgentthe same day I will prepare and send the rest within a few days in complete and web-optimized form.

 "My job as a portrait photographer is to seduce, entertain and entertain" Helmut Newton

British researchers found that it isresume photographyin its entertaining form, the release of endorphins in the body creates a short-term euphoria and the model's stress level is almost completely reduced to zero. Among other things, I use this when creating the perfect CV photo.

 Caution! During the photo shoot, time flies by in this way, and this can become addictive for some guests. :)

Naturally, I give 100% guarantee on the session

Even if the devil puts the charge, I don't care, I won't leave you without satisfaction

György Buza

I haven’t been to professional photography yet, so I’m very interested in what the medium, mood and end result will be like. Dani gave me the maximum in everything, helped me dissolve, catch good settings and I am very happy with the end result. Thank

Leila Kovács

Very nice welcome, professional settings, good atmosphere. I can only recommend :)

Erdőssy Zalán

Everything was in place from the first minute. Dani was there to help me with everything and the pictures became super. I sincerely recommend it to everyone.

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